Anastasia and The Ghostly Owl

The Choice Was Hers!


About the book

“Anastasia and The Ghostly Owl (The Choice Was Hers!)” is a true story written in a fictional manner with rich metaphors and similes. It is like opening Pandora’s Box where the reader is faced with two simultaneous contrasting realities. One is a mysterious, underlying creature, unspoken of throughout the book, called “hope”. The other reality is the "darkness of adversity" that fate tests on an innocent young girl named Anastasia. She must make a bold journey of self-discovery or face self-destruction. The choice was hers!
What others say about the book
Daniel Jolley
Anastasia and the Ghostly Owl (The Choice Was Hers!) is a book with a purpose, namely to inspire readers to overcome whatever challenges they may face, take control of their own lives, and basically go out and make their dreams come true. It's an unusual book; Anastasia's story does not read like your typical fiction, as it features layers of metaphors that infuse the writing with significant depth and meaning. The meat of this story is definitely between the lines. It is sometimes difficult to ferret out the details of Anastasia' story, but the important thing here are her feelings, and those shine through.
Thomas Jones
Sometimes when reading a book, you have to stop critiqing the book, the author and just follow the path it sends you on. I appreciated the simplicity of this very complex story that describes the struggle of Anastatia as she survives the life that was presented to her. I read the book 3 times within a 24 hours period and each time I was forced outside my comfort zone and caused to remember and experience again my own journey to self-actualization. I look forward to Anita's next book. Thank you for sharing this story with me. Tom Jones, Vancouver, B.C.
Kimberly Cheryl
This book helped open my eyes to what children go through when dealing with life's hardships. It helped me to realize that you can't judge a book by its cover. That the struggle for acceptance, love, acknowledgment or to be recognized can consume & overwhelm a shows that despite adversity, you can turn your life around and soar to any height you dream possible. Thank you for sharing with me Anita.
About Anita Wladichuk
I was born November 16, 1956 in the small, booming gold-mining town of Kirkland Lake, Ontario. I’m the second youngest of seven children: three brothers and three sisters. My parents, Velta Bush and Joseph Morozevicius, immigrated to Canada from Latvia and Lithuania. In 1958, my parents separated and the ever changing yet important events of my life journey began. In 1963, my youngest sister and I lived with our Dad and Stepmother in a secluded uranium mining town called Uranium City, Saskatchewan. We attended a private Catholic School. My life was very different in northern Saskatchewan. My five years in Uranium City are incredibly memorable and so unique that it shaped who I am today. I will always remember fishingfor lake trout, pike or pickerel. Imagine that these fish were huge enough that in their struggle to break free, they almost pulled me overboard! How many people have skinned, cut open, pulled out the fresh, soft roe of a fish, fried it and ate it? The excitement and thrill to conquer these fish was exhilarating! The opportunity to hunt, especially in the winter for rabbit and Ptarmigan was challenging because spotting a white rabbit or Ptarmigan against a blanket of white snow required patience and skill. During the summer months, I spent my time wading in creeks, wandering the hillsides, picking strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. The berries were plentiful up north and so were the bears, although we never crossed each other’s path. In 1968, I moved to Brampton, Ontario to live with my Mom, Stepfather, brother and sister. The most joyous event was the reunion of my brothers and sisters after a five year separation.